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Below is a sample of companies and organisations using Apache NiFi

Company / Organization Industry Summary
Macquarie Telecom Group Cloud and Telecommunications Uses Apache NiFi to securely and reliably transfer, transform, enrich and deliver billions of individual events per day (i.e. security logs, system metrics, aggregated data sets, etc) across multiple datacenters.
Dovestech Cyber Security Dovestech's cyber security visualization product, ThreatPop, uses Apache NiFi to enrich and normalize millions of cyber security related events into a central database which allows customers to interact with cyber security events through game engine visualization technology.
Flexilogix Big Data / IoT Builds all data ingestion pipelines using NiFi. Have deployed NiFi clusters to ingest, transform and deliver to data analytics backends serving all purposes of data mediation both for realtime and batch jobs.
Payoff Financial Wellness (fintech) NiFi primarily serves as our consumer between Kafka and HDFS. NiFi also provides schema validation for event streams while enabling us to modify and republish secure event streams for general use. NiFi extracts and standardizes large datasets from third parties between various sources including HDFS/s3/Kafka/sftp.
Onyx Point Commercial/Federal Consulting Design large scale NIFI clusters for high volume ingest/egress and provide day to day operational support and maintenance.
Slovak Telekom Telecommunications Uses Apache NiFi to power active monitoring. As various network devices are being monitored, SNMP as the unifying protocol is used for communication. Apache NiFi is in active query mode to periodically query these devices. Transformation of the SNMP responses and their transfer to HDFS and Elastic are built using Apache NiFi as well.
GoDataDriven Data Science & Engineering GoDataDriven, a Dutch service company in the data science and engineering space, helps customers ingest and process data in real time from the most disparate devices (including but not limited to trains!).
Looker SaaS & Analytics Software We're building all new data ingestion pipelines using NiFi. Existing pipelines are being migrated to NiFi as well. We have deployed NiFi clusters to ingest, transform, and deliver data to various backends like Google Big Query, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon S3.
Think Big, A Teradata Company Data Science & Engineering Think Big's open-source data lake management platform Kylo offers a turn-key, enterprise-ready data lake solution that integrates best practices around metadata management, governance, and security gleaned from Think Big's 150+ big data implementation projects. Kylo uses Apache NiFi as the underlying scheduler and orchestration engine, along with other technologies like Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark.
Hashmap, Inc. Big Data / IoT Hashmap uses Apache NiFi to securely collect, transmit, and transform data for ingest and delivery into our IoT / Time Series Accelerator platform, allowing for outcome-based, real time analytics and visualization of oil & gas, utilities, manufacturing, industrial, retail, pharma, and process control data. Additionally, we are creating a catalog of open source, ready-to-run, industry specific NiFi processors and controller services for protocols like OPC-UA, ETP, WITSML, LAS, and many others.

To add yourself to this list, submit a pull request to nifi-site or send an email to the users mailing list with the organization name, industry and a brief description on how Apache NiFi is used to help your organization.