This processor consumes messages from JMS compliant messaging system and converts them to a FlowFile to be routed to the next component in the flow.

This processor does two things. It constructs FlowFile by extracting information from the consumed JMS message including body, standard JMS Headers and Properties. The message body is written to a FlowFile while standard JMS Headers and Properties are set as FlowFile attributes.

Configuration Details

At the time of writing this document it only defines the essential configuration properties which are suitable for most cases. Other properties will be defined later as this component progresses. Configuring ConsumeJMS:

  1. User Name - [OPTIONAL] User Name used for authentication and authorization when this processor obtains javax.jms.Connection from the pre-configured javax.jms.ConnectionFactory (see below).
  2. Password - [OPTIONAL] Password used in conjunction with User Name.
  3. Destination Name - [REQUIRED] the name of the javax.jms.Destination. Usually provided by administrator (e.g., 'topic://myTopic').
  4. Destination Type - [REQUIRED] the type of the javax.jms.Destination. Could be one of 'QUEUE' or 'TOPIC' Usually provided by the administrator. Defaults to 'QUEUE'.
  5. Connection Factory Service - [REQUIRED] link to a pre-configured instance of