Adds configurable encryption to S3 Put and S3 Fetch operations.

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In the list below, the names of required properties appear in bold. Any other properties (not in bold) are considered optional. The table also indicates any default values, whether a property supports the NiFi Expression Language, and whether a property is considered "sensitive", meaning that its value will be encrypted. Before entering a value in a sensitive property, ensure that the file has an entry for the property nifi.sensitive.props.key.

NameDefault ValueAllowable ValuesDescription
Encryption StrategyNONE
  • None No encryption.
  • Server-side S3 Use server-side, S3-managed encryption.
  • Server-side KMS Use server-side, KMS key to perform encryption.
  • Server-side Customer Key Use server-side, customer-supplied key to perform encryption.
  • Client-side KMS Use client-side, KMS key to perform encryption.
  • Client-side Customer Key Use client-side, customer-supplied key to perform encryption.
Strategy to use for S3 data encryption and decryption.
Key ID or Key MaterialFor None and Server-side S3: not used. For Server-side KMS and Client-side KMS: the KMS Key ID must be configured. For Server-side Customer Key and Client-side Customer Key: the Key Material must be specified in Base64 encoded form. In case of Server-side Customer Key, the key must be an AES-256 key. In case of Client-side Customer Key, it can be an AES-256, AES-192 or AES-128 key.
Sensitive Property: true
Supports Expression Language: true (will be evaluated using variable registry only)
KMS Regionus-west-2
  • AWS GovCloud (US) AWS Region Code : us-gov-west-1
  • AWS GovCloud (US-East) AWS Region Code : us-gov-east-1
  • US East (N. Virginia) AWS Region Code : us-east-1
  • US East (Ohio) AWS Region Code : us-east-2
  • US West (N. California) AWS Region Code : us-west-1
  • US West (Oregon) AWS Region Code : us-west-2
  • EU (Ireland) AWS Region Code : eu-west-1
  • EU (London) AWS Region Code : eu-west-2
  • EU (Paris) AWS Region Code : eu-west-3
  • EU (Frankfurt) AWS Region Code : eu-central-1
  • EU (Stockholm) AWS Region Code : eu-north-1
  • EU (Milan) AWS Region Code : eu-south-1
  • Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) AWS Region Code : ap-east-1
  • Asia Pacific (Mumbai) AWS Region Code : ap-south-1
  • Asia Pacific (Singapore) AWS Region Code : ap-southeast-1
  • Asia Pacific (Sydney) AWS Region Code : ap-southeast-2
  • Asia Pacific (Tokyo) AWS Region Code : ap-northeast-1
  • Asia Pacific (Seoul) AWS Region Code : ap-northeast-2
  • Asia Pacific (Osaka) AWS Region Code : ap-northeast-3
  • South America (Sao Paulo) AWS Region Code : sa-east-1
  • China (Beijing) AWS Region Code : cn-north-1
  • China (Ningxia) AWS Region Code : cn-northwest-1
  • Canada (Central) AWS Region Code : ca-central-1
  • Middle East (Bahrain) AWS Region Code : me-south-1
  • Africa (Cape Town) AWS Region Code : af-south-1
  • US ISO East AWS Region Code : us-iso-east-1
  • US ISOB East (Ohio) AWS Region Code : us-isob-east-1
  • US ISO West AWS Region Code : us-iso-west-1
The Region of the AWS Key Management Service. Only used in case of Client-side KMS.

State management:

This component does not store state.


This component is not restricted.

System Resource Considerations:

None specified.