Executes a delete query against a MongoDB collection. The query is provided in the body of the flowfile and the user can select whether it will delete one or many documents that match it.

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delete, mongo, mongodb


In the list below, the names of required properties appear in bold. Any other properties (not in bold) are considered optional. The table also indicates any default values, and whether a property supports the NiFi Expression Language.

Display NameAPI NameDefault ValueAllowable ValuesDescription
Client Servicemongo-client-serviceController Service API:
Implementation: MongoDBControllerService
If configured, this property will use the assigned client service for connection pooling.
Mongo URIMongo URIMongoURI, typically of the form: mongodb://host1[:port1][,host2[:port2],...]
Supports Expression Language: true (will be evaluated using variable registry only)
Mongo Database NameMongo Database NameThe name of the database to use
Supports Expression Language: true (will be evaluated using flow file attributes and variable registry)
Mongo Collection NameMongo Collection NameThe name of the collection to use
Supports Expression Language: true (will be evaluated using flow file attributes and variable registry)
SSL Context Servicessl-context-serviceController Service API:
Implementations: StandardSSLContextService
The SSL Context Service used to provide client certificate information for TLS/SSL connections.
Client Authssl-client-authREQUIRED
  • WANT
  • NONE
Client authentication policy when connecting to secure (TLS/SSL) cluster. Possible values are REQUIRED, WANT, NONE. This property is only used when an SSL Context has been defined and enabled.
Delete Modedelete-mongo-delete-modeDelete One
  • Delete One Delete only the first document that matches the query.
  • Delete Many Delete every document that matches the query.
  • Use 'mongodb.delete.mode' attribute Read the 'mongodb.delete.mode attribute and use that mode. Acceptable values are 'many' and 'one.'
Choose between deleting one document by query or many documents by query.
Fail When Nothing Is Deleteddelete-mongo-fail-on-no-deleteTrue
  • True Fail when no documents are deleted.
  • False Do not fail when nothing is deleted.
Determines whether to send the flowfile to the success or failure relationship if nothing is successfully deleted.
Write ConcernWrite ConcernACKNOWLEDGED
  • W1
  • W2
  • W3
The write concern to use


successAll FlowFiles that are written to MongoDB are routed to this relationship
failureAll FlowFiles that cannot be written to MongoDB are routed to this relationship

Reads Attributes:

mongodb.delete.modeConfigurable parameter for controlling delete mode on a per-flowfile basis. The process must be configured to use this option. Acceptable values are 'one' and 'many.'

Writes Attributes:

None specified.

State management:

This component does not store state.


This component is not restricted.

Input requirement:

This component requires an incoming relationship.

System Resource Considerations:

None specified.