Deprecation notice:

This processor is deprecated and may be removed in future releases.

Please consider using one the following alternatives: InvokeHTTP


Please be aware this processor is deprecated and may be removed in the near future. Use InvokeHTTP instead. Performs an HTTP Post with the content of the FlowFile. Uses a connection pool with max number of connections equal to the number of possible endpoints multiplied by the Concurrent Tasks configuration.


http, https, remote, copy, archive


In the list below, the names of required properties appear in bold. Any other properties (not in bold) are considered optional. The table also indicates any default values, whether a property supports the NiFi Expression Language, and whether a property is considered "sensitive", meaning that its value will be encrypted. Before entering a value in a sensitive property, ensure that the file has an entry for the property nifi.sensitive.props.key.

NameDefault ValueAllowable ValuesDescription
URLThe URL to POST to. The URL may be defined using the Attribute Expression Language. A separate connection pool will be created for each unique host:port combination.
Supports Expression Language: true (will be evaluated using flow file attributes and variable registry)
Max Batch Size100 MBIf the Send as FlowFile property is true, specifies the max data size for a batch of FlowFiles to send in a single HTTP POST. If not specified, each FlowFile will be sent separately. If the Send as FlowFile property is false, this property is ignored
Max Data to Post per SecondThe maximum amount of data to send per second; this allows the bandwidth to be throttled to a specified data rate; if not specified, the data rate is not throttled
SSL Context ServiceController Service API:
Implementations: StandardSSLContextService
The Controller Service to use in order to obtain an SSL Context
UsernameUsername required to access the URL
PasswordPassword required to access the URL
Sensitive Property: true
Send as FlowFilefalse
  • true
  • false
If true, will package the FlowFile's contents and attributes together and send the FlowFile Package; otherwise, will send only the FlowFile's content
Use Chunked Encoding
  • true
  • false
Specifies whether or not to use Chunked Encoding to send the data. This property is ignored in the event the contents are compressed or sent as FlowFiles.
Compression Level0Determines the GZIP Compression Level to use when sending the file; the value must be in the range of 0-9. A value of 0 indicates that the file will not be GZIP'ed
Connection Timeout30 secHow long to wait when attempting to connect to the remote server before giving up
Data Timeout30 secHow long to wait between receiving segments of data from the remote server before giving up and discarding the partial file
Attributes to Send as HTTP Headers (Regex)Specifies the Regular Expression that determines the names of FlowFile attributes that should be sent as HTTP Headers
User AgentApache-HttpClient/4.5.13 (Java/1.8.0_345)What to report as the User Agent when we connect to the remote server
Proxy Configuration ServiceController Service API:
Implementation: StandardProxyConfigurationService
Specifies the Proxy Configuration Controller Service to proxy network requests. If set, it supersedes proxy settings configured per component. Supported proxies: HTTP + AuthN
Proxy HostThe fully qualified hostname or IP address of the proxy server
Proxy PortThe port of the proxy server
Content-Type${mime.type}The Content-Type to specify for the content of the FlowFile being POSTed if Send as FlowFile is false. In the case of an empty value after evaluating an expression language expression, Content-Type defaults to application/octet-stream
Supports Expression Language: true (will be evaluated using flow file attributes and variable registry)


successFiles that are successfully send will be transferred to success
failureFiles that fail to send will transferred to failure

Reads Attributes:

None specified.

Writes Attributes:

None specified.

State management:

This component does not store state.


This component is not restricted.

Input requirement:

This component requires an incoming relationship.

System Resource Considerations:

None specified.