Splits a text file into multiple smaller text files on line boundaries limited by maximum number of lines or total size of fragment. Each output split file will contain no more than the configured number of lines or bytes. If both Line Split Count and Maximum Fragment Size are specified, the split occurs at whichever limit is reached first. If the first line of a fragment exceeds the Maximum Fragment Size, that line will be output in a single split file which exceeds the configured maximum size limit. This component also allows one to specify that each split should include a header lines. Header lines can be computed by either specifying the amount of lines that should constitute a header or by using header marker to match against the read lines. If such match happens then the corresponding line will be treated as header. Keep in mind that upon the first failure of header marker match, no more matches will be performed and the rest of the data will be parsed as regular lines for a given split. If after computation of the header there are no more data, the resulting split will consists of only header lines.


split, text


In the list below, the names of required properties appear in bold. Any other properties (not in bold) are considered optional. The table also indicates any default values.

Display NameAPI NameDefault ValueAllowable ValuesDescription
Line Split CountLine Split CountThe number of lines that will be added to each split file, excluding header lines. A value of zero requires Maximum Fragment Size to be set, and line count will not be considered in determining splits.
Maximum Fragment SizeMaximum Fragment SizeThe maximum size of each split file, including header lines. NOTE: in the case where a single line exceeds this property (including headers, if applicable), that line will be output in a split of its own which exceeds this Maximum Fragment Size setting.
Header Line CountHeader Line Count0The number of lines that should be considered part of the header; the header lines will be duplicated to all split files
Header Line Marker CharactersHeader Line Marker CharactersThe first character(s) on the line of the datafile which signifies a header line. This value is ignored when Header Line Count is non-zero. The first line not containing the Header Line Marker Characters and all subsequent lines are considered non-header
Remove Trailing NewlinesRemove Trailing Newlinestrue
  • true
  • false
Whether to remove newlines at the end of each split file. This should be false if you intend to merge the split files later. If this is set to 'true' and a FlowFile is generated that contains only 'empty lines' (i.e., consists only of \r and \n characters), the FlowFile will not be emitted. Note, however, that if header lines are specified, the resultant FlowFile will never be empty as it will consist of the header lines, so a FlowFile may be emitted that contains only the header lines.


failureIf a file cannot be split for some reason, the original file will be routed to this destination and nothing will be routed elsewhere
originalThe original input file will be routed to this destination when it has been successfully split into 1 or more files
splitsThe split files will be routed to this destination when an input file is successfully split into 1 or more split files

Reads Attributes:

None specified.

Writes Attributes:

text.line.countThe number of lines of text from the original FlowFile that were copied to this FlowFile
fragment.sizeThe number of bytes from the original FlowFile that were copied to this FlowFile, including header, if applicable, which is duplicated in each split FlowFile
fragment.identifierAll split FlowFiles produced from the same parent FlowFile will have the same randomly generated UUID added for this attribute
fragment.indexA one-up number that indicates the ordering of the split FlowFiles that were created from a single parent FlowFile
fragment.countThe number of split FlowFiles generated from the parent FlowFile
segment.original.filename The filename of the parent FlowFile

State management:

This component does not store state.


This component is not restricted.

Input requirement:

This component requires an incoming relationship.

System Resource Considerations:

MEMORYThe FlowFile with its attributes is stored in memory, not the content of the FlowFile. If many splits are generated due to the size of the content, or how the content is configured to be split, a two-phase approach may be necessary to avoid excessive use of memory.

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