NiFi Rest API 1.27.0
The Rest API provides programmatic access to command and control a NiFi instance in real time. Start and stop processors, monitor queues, query provenance data, and more. Each endpoint below includes a description, definitions of the expected input and output, potential response codes, and the authorizations required to invoke each service.
User authentication and token endpoints
Get controller configuration, Manage the cluster, Create reporting tasks
Manage controller services, Update controller service references
Manage reporting tasks
Get counters, Reset counters
Get the data flow, Obtain component status, Query history
Manage Parameter Contexts and associated validation
Manage Parameter Providers and associated validation
Create components, Instantiate a template, Upload a template
Create a processor, Set properties, Schedule
Create a connection, Set queue priority, Update connection destination
View queue contents, Download flowfile content, Empty queue
Create an input port, Set remote port access control
Create an output port, Set remote port access control
Create a remote group, Enable transmission
Create a label, Set label style
Manage funnels
Query provenance, Search event lineage
Download content, Replay
Add users and group, Group users
Get policies, Create policies
Get resources
Get available ports, Get peers
Send data, Receive data
Create a snippet, Move a snippet, Delete a snippet
Download a template, Delete a template
Get system diagnostics
Manage versions of process groups