A subproject of Apache NiFi to collect data from the point of origin.


Apache NiFi MiNiFi is an Apache NiFi project, designed to collect data at its source. MiNiFi was developed with the following objectives in mind:

MiNiFi Java

The Java agent is built from the same codebase as NiFi, enabling it to run most of NiFi’s processors. However, it results in a larger binary distribution, consumes greater system resources, and requires JRE, compared to MiNiFi C++. If you require maximum flexibility to make routing and processing decisions at your data’s point of origin, the Java agent is a good fit.

MiNiFi C++

The C++ agent is a native reimplementation of MiNiFi Java. Due to the absence of a JVM, it consumes fewer system resources but has a limited subset of processors, and their properties might slightly differ from NiFi. If your primary concern is gathering and pushing data to downstream consumers while minimizing system impact, the C++ agent is a good fit.