Apache NiFi includes several subprojects with various capabilities.

MiNiFi supports data collection from the point of origin. It is a complementary data collection approach that supplements the core tenets of NiFi in dataflow management, focusing on the collection of data at the source of its creation. MiNiFi functions in the role of an agent for source sensors, systems, or servers. MiNiFi provides the following features:
  • Small size and low resource consumption
  • Central management of agents
  • Generation of data provenance with full chain of custody of information
  • Integration with NiFi for follow-on dataflow management
Registry is a complementary application that provides a central location for storage and management of shared resources across one or more instances of NiFi or MiNiFi. Registry provides the following features:
  • Implementation of a Flow Registry for storing and managing versioned flows
  • Integration with NiFi to allow storing, retrieving, and upgrading versioned flows from a Flow Registry
  • Administration of the Registry for defining users, groups, and policies

Apache NiFi Flow Design System

Flow Design System is an atomic reusable platform for providing a consistent set of user interface components for NiFi, MiNiFi, and Registry, as well as any other open source web application. Features of the Flow Design System include:
  • Implementation of the reusable user interface components
  • Integration with NPM public registry