Apache nifi Team

A successful project requires many people to play many roles. Some members write code, provide project mentorship, or author documentation. Others are valuable as testers, submitting patches and suggestions.

PMC Members

Apache Username Name
aboda Arpad Boda
afucs Andre Fucs de Miranda
aldrin Aldrin Piri
alopresto Andy LoPresto
andrewmlim Andrew M. Lim
bbende Bryan Bende
busbey Sean Busbey
danbress Dan Bress
devriesb Brandon DeVries
exceptionfactory David Handermann
ijokarumawak Koji Kawamura
jcarey Jason Carey
jeremydyer Jeremy Dyer
jfrazee Joey Frazee
joewitt Joe Witt
jskora Joe Skora
jvwing James Wing
kevdoran Kevin Doran
markap14 Mark Payne
mattyb149 Matt Burgess
mcgilman Matt Gilman
mosermw Michael W Moser
mthomsen Mike Thomsen
ozhurakousky Oleg Zhurakousky
phrocker Marc Parisi
pvillard Pierre Villard
scottyaslan Scott Aslan
szaszm Marton Szasz
taftster Adam Taft
tkurc Tony Kurc
turcsanyi Peter Turcsanyi
ymdavis Yolanda Davis


Apache Username Name
adebreceni Adam Debreceni
aichrist Andy I.C.
amarkovics Ádám Markovics
bakaid Dániel Bakai
bqiu Ben Qiu
brosander Bryan Rosander
bsimon Simon Bence
chriss Chris Sampson
denes Denes Arvay
edbe Ed Berezitsky
fgerlits Ferenc Gerlits
greyp Paul Grey
jgresock Joe Gresock
kotarot Kotaro Terada
lordgamez Gábor Gyimesi
martinzink Martin Zink
mhogue Mike Hogue
mtien Margot Tien
otto Otto Fowler
rfellows Rob Fellows
rickysaltzer Ricky Saltzer
rmoran Rob Moran
thenatog Nathan Gough
toivoadams Toivo Adams
tpalfy Tamas Palfy
zenfenan Sivaprasanna Sethuraman

In Memoriam

Apache Username Name
jstorck Jeff Storck

Emeritus Members

Apache Username Name
bimargulies Benson Margulies
jbarnabee Jennifer Barnabee
pwicks Peter Wicks
jpercivall Joe Percivall

The team consists of Project Management Committee Members, Committers, and Contributors.

Committers are the group of volunteers who are responsible for the technical aspects of the Apache NiFi Project. This group has write access to the appropriate source repositories. All committer input is valued and when technical discussions occur, committer input is treated the same as PMC member input. Committers are encouraged to vote on releases and technical discussions, but only PMC members may cast “binding” votes see Apache Voting Guide. Membership as a Committer is by invitation only and must be approved by consensus approval of the active Apache NiFi PMC members on a vote open for at least 72 hours. A Committer is considered inactive by their own declaration or by not contributing in any form to the project for over six months. An inactive member can become active again by reversing whichever condition made them inactive ( i.e., by reversing their earlier declaration or by once again contributing toward the project’s work). Membership can be revoked by a unanimous vote of all the active PMC members (except the member in question if they are a PMC member).

Contributors improve the project through submission of patches and suggestions. The number of Contributors to the project is unbounded. Get involved today. All contributions to the project are greatly appreciated.

Emeritus members are those that served as PMC members or committers and who have since moved into non-active status. Their contributions and efforts are greatly appreciated in helping the community develop.